The 2019 Cannabis Industry Salary Guide is here!

Your Guide to Hiring Competitively in the Cannabis Industry
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What’s in the salary guide?

View salary information for 19 common cannabis positions, check out hot jobs in the industry and learn more about the current cannabis landscape. Find out how to incorporate the latest hiring and industry trends into your workforce planning for a successful 2020 and beyond.


Industry & Hiring Trends

See how the 2019 cannabis landscape is shaping the future of the industry and how the market is adapting.


Vertical Overviews

We surveyed cannabis businesses to investigate how the salaries of the four main sectors (cultivation, lab/extraction, manufacturing and retail) changed in 2019.


Benefits Overview

Find out how companies developed their benefits packages to attract top talent.

Table of contents

Page 1 Hiring Competitively in the Industry
Page 3 Hiring Trends in Cannabis
Page 4 2019 Cannabis Industry Trends
Page 7 Survey Participation Methodology
Page 10 How to Read the Data
Page 12 Cultivation Overview
Page 14 Lab/Extraction Overview
Page 16 Manufacturing Overview
Page 18 Retail Overview
Page 20 Benefits Overview



Salary guide designed by Brandon Diaz Design